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Is SolarCity App & Scam or Legit? – Review of Investment Plan


SolarCity,, and app downloads investment scam or legit?

Is SolarCity scam or legit? Wait! Read this honest review before registering. Is, or, or legit or scam? Is the SolarCity investment app and the new investment plan from the official Tesla Company? In fact, the demand for roof-top solar panels, solar batteries, and inverters is ever-growing in Africa. So, lots of people are rushing to download and install the SolarCity earning app. But, is SolarCity another MensGold Payment Wahala? Or is it another professional Ponzi scheme that is currently paying new members to lure the masses?
There are real companies that supply original solar power for homes and even solar power system that replaces generators. Keep reading to find out the truth, benefits, PROS & CONS. 

True Reviews of,, and 

Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, and Africa as a whole have experienced a series of money-making schemes that made some people rich but finally turned out to be a scam. So, in case you have seen an app floating over the Internet that pays for referring friends to register and earn GHS2.00, then that is SolarCityGha.

Looking back in time, if our memories can serve us right, we can count on over 50 money-doubling schemes that have come to dupe the Africa community. Some originated from Nigeria, China, Singapore, and even some registered as official companies in Ghana. I can even recall that I was once trapped by one of these professional evil-oriented schemes. Do you remember the list?

  • CHY mall investment
  • Mens Gold Ghana
  • Money Doubla
  • Prestige Royal
  • BitcoLoan
  • Etc.

Today, here comes another perfectly organized program. And it has a very beautiful website design with a hidden glitch just for the purpose of raiding the masses. So, let us verify the authenticity of this new business.

What is Solar City? 

Let us review only one of the duplicate SolarCity websites. According to’s website, it is a Tesla Company. Therefore, they claim that the website is owned by Elon Musk. Per their site, produces and supply solar panel and solar equipment. So, the aim is to distribute their Solar panels to the Ghanaian community using a professional leasing plan or strategy.

Currently, Solar City Gha is actively marketing to the Ghanaian community using their smart marketing reward plan. And that has led to over 6900 people registering for their program. But this SolarCityGha review will help you to consider whether you should join or not.

Is Solar City Gha a scam or legit? Are they really paying as promised? 

To answer these questions as to whether they are a genuine company or not, let’s first consider the idea behind solar equipment distribution in Ghana.  

Truly, the idea of distributing solar panels in the Sub-Saharan African region is very professional. That is why many Ghanaians are blatantly registering. However, the issue of supplying Tesla solar equipment doesn’t suffice after making payment to SolarCity Gha. 

That brilliant idea turns out to be a money-making galore. In effect, the company is rather persuading people to join their get-rich-quick scheme instead of selling Tesla solar panels, Tesla power batteries, and inverters. So they have a Telegram group called the Millionaire House.

Facts About, SolarCityNga, SolarCityZa, and

To find the legitimacy of Solar City Gha we will delve deep to see whether the company really exists.

Firstly, let us consider these two questions. Is there a company called SolarCity? And Is SolarCity still in business?

Is there a company called SolarCity?

Yes! There was a company called SolarCity that has been acquired by Tesla. But, take a close look at these domain names: and I am sure that you can see the difference. 

Is SolarCity still in business?

Does SolarCity still exist? No! The company is now Tesla Energy.


As of July 13, 2021, the economist posted on their website that: “Today, the SolarCity brand no longer exists.” And in October 2021, CNBC interviewed Tesla’s SolarCity customers in America.


SolarCity – The official Tesla Company was sued for not delivering its promise to customers in the USA. – (SolarCity sued)

To move forward, what is It is a company that was founded on July 4, 2006, and owned by Elon Musk’s cousins, namely, Peter Rive and Lyndon. Then, in 2016, Elon Musk the founder of Tesla acquired SolarCity. Clearly, this ownership information is about only and NOT SolarCityGha or its accomplices.

However, claims the same ownership by Tesla. This raises another important question. If both companies are for the same person (Elon Musk), then, why do they have different logos?

Logo1 and Logo2 images.

On the other hand, there are other domain names that mimic SolorCityGha, and these are and Here is another review by Ah! What is the twist here? 


Firstly, remember that since Tesla merged with SolarCity in 2016, and its subdomains have been merged with

Solar City Gha

Solar City Official Tesla Company

The domain is independent. The same is true of the other similar sites.

The domain name is linked to So when clicked, it redirects to the official Tesla website.

Products sold: They have supplied no product as I write. The company promises to begin selling in 2022.

Products Sold: The company’s products include Tesla solar roof, battery for backup, solar inverters, and solar panels.

Is investment possible? Yes.


However, the investment plan and compensation plan are different from the official solar city website. And they provide a three-tier plan which is a Ponzi scheme.

Is investment possible? Yes.


They have an investment plan. Nevertheless, they allow customers to invest in solar bonds only. The bond is designed to offer interest to customers who support a cleaner energy future.

Referral program:

This company offers a referral program that pays GHS 2.0 for referring free members. The referral compensation plan is up to three levels. So, where will this company get money to pay referral bonuses if all your new referrals decide not to order solar panels?

They have a referral program.


The referral program for this company pays $250 cash or credit. But, customers will qualify only when they refer 5 customers but do NOT qualify for referring free members.

Supply location:

SolarCityGha will supply to the Ghanaian community. Note that they were in Nigeria too. Their Nigerian website version is

Supply location:

The official company supplies only to some US states as of now. See

Website information:

The website hosting servers are in Singapore

Internet Service Provider (ISP) is Alibaba Singapore E-Commerce Private Limited.


The domain name registrar is


The date registered was 10th October 2021 and was updated on 11th October 2021.

The expiration date is 10th October 2022.Date registered was on 10th October, 2021 and was updated on 11th October, 2021.

Expiration date is 10th October, 2022.


Website information:

Website hosting servers are in Chicago – USA

Internet Service Provider (ISP) is Quality Technologies Services Santa Clara.


The domain registrar is


The date registered was 17th June 2002 and was updated on 17th June 2019.

The expiration date is 17th June 2023.Date registered was 17th June, 2002 and was updated on 17th June, 2019.

Expiration date is 17th June, 2023.


Legal Registration in Ghana at Registrar-

General’s Department:

I found that SolarCity (registered in Ghana) is a Sole Proprietorship business entity.


NB: A Sole Proprietor business is a business type owned by an individual. So, that business is surely NOT a big company, compared to Tesla's Solar City.

The official SolarCity company which is now Tesla Energy was registered as SolarCity Corporation.

Is SolarCity Gha Profitable? 

Before we look at whether SolarCity is profitable or not, first make sure to watch the video above. Then, comment below if you have earned money from the app. Let’s hear from the horse's own mouth.

The company promises to pay GHS2 rewards for each referral. And you can earn every hour for using the solar power generator. In fact, SolarCityGha’s compensation plan is very complex and I cannot even figure out how that works.

What about SolarCityGha customer care service?

The company has a telegram group that serves as their customer care center. That is very unprofessional! 

Again, their customer service center serves customers only on telegram and WhatsApp and their faces are hidden.


Is SolarCity scam or legit? If you have followed the detailed review of SolarCityGha, you can see clearly that the website and its similar sites such as SolarCityNga, and SolarCityZa are all hosted in Singapore. Meanwhile, the official Solar City company website is now part of, and it is hosted in Chicago USA.

Again, did you notice that will go off in 2022? And, there are no real persons to contact for support. However, SolarCityGha, SolarCityNga, and SolarCityZa are advertised massively on YouTube, and Google Play Store via Earn Hub and other app stores.

Truly, there are warning signs and fishy issues.

They increased the reward for uploading members’ withdrawal vouchers from GHS 0.3 to GHS 1 to lure you to keep pushing false messages forward.

Try to call their WhatsApp mobile number to see if someone will receive it. Some members have begun to complain about non-payment.



  1. I have invested in SolarCity investment in Accra Ghana,as now my page can't open why please help us

  2. I checked the on Facebook and took snapshots of the people's complains and posted it on the WhatsApp page but people still follow them. They have dubed Nigerians and has now moved to Ghana. As I speak now, they have even changed the Facebook account name from SolarCitynga to make 'money online'. I warned those on the telegram page but still people are following them. They have deliberately removed me from the pages.

  3. Hahhahaaaa everything shows that they are scam
    And please help me get a better company to invest


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