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SIM re-registration & linking to Ghana card
How to link your SIM to Ghana card

Below is an in-depth explanation of "how to re-register your SIM card or link your SIM to your Ghana Card" using android, iOS, YAM mobile. 

This re-registration exercise was launched on October 1 2021. The National Communications Authority (, in collaboration with the Ministry of Communications and Digitalization (, has ordered the National Identification Authority ( and Mobile Network Operators in Ghana (MTN, Vodafone, AirtelTigo, and Glo) to embark on a nationwide SIM card registration exercise. 

That is to ensure the validity of every SIM subscriber. And it will also improve upon security checks. So keep reading to find out more about the start date, deadline, frequently asked questions, and how to register.

Ghana card registration start date

Registration of SIMs is ongoing. Thus, you can begin the registration process now using the USSD short code *404#. This short code is available for all mobile users in Ghana. Nevertheless, those with issues with their National ID Cards can visit the Ghana card office for rectification.

SIM card registration deadline

The registration deadline is 22nd March 2022. However, failure to register before the said date will result in losing your SIM card. It means that your card will be blocked.

What is the requirement to link my SIM to the Ghana card?

Before you begin the re-registration process, you need to have the following at hand:
  1. Your National Identity Card (Ghana card/ ECOWAS Identity Card)
  2. Surname – same as the family name that you used to register your Ghana card.
  3. First name – same as your English name.
  4. Date of birth. 

How to register or re-register your SIM and link to your Ghana card (ECOWAS Identity Card)

To link your SIM to the Ghana card, follow these 8 simple steps:
  • Step #1
    • Dial *404# on your mobile phone. (It works on MTN, Vodafone, AirtelTigo, and Glo Ghana) Then, press Send, Reply, or Done each time you enter an entity.

  • Step #2
    • Enter 1

  • Step #3
    • Enter your Ghana card number. (For example – gha0012345670 without dashes. Repeat the number.)

  • Step #4
    • Enter your Surname

  • Step #5
    • Enter your First name

  • Step #6
    • Enter your date of birth (For example – 01041990. Starting with DayMonthYear)

  • Step #7
    • Indicate whether you are Male or Female

  • Step #8
    • Lastly, verify your information and press send to confirm.

Viola! You have completed your SIM and Ghana card linkage. You will now receive a verification message from your Mobile Service Provider. This message (SMS) will include your secret PIN. Save that PIN or code somewhere and visit your service provider to complete your SIM registration. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • I don't have a Ghana Card. What should I do?
    • Check out at the nearest National Identification Authority (NIA) office or registration center to get your card.
  • I have registered my SIM with a Ghana card already. Should I do it again?
    • Yes. You still have to dial *404# to register again or dial *400# to verify your SIM registration.
  • When is the SIM card registration starting?
    • 1st October 2021 is the starting day.
  • What about a foreign resident who doesn't have Ghana card?
    • Foreigners are issued a special Ghana card. Check out the nearest NIA office for more information.
  • I am visiting Ghana for only a few days. Do I have to register? 
    • Temporal visitors can acquire a SIM Card using their Passport or Travel Card. However, the temporal SIM Card will be valid for only 30 days.
  • I am not 18 years but, I have a SIM card. Can I register?
    • Remember that the only acceptable card for this SIM registration exercise is the Ghana card. And for now, Ghana Card is only issued to citizens above age 15. 

SIM registration location & Ghana card registration contacts

Contact Table
Contact LocationContact Numbers
ACCRA+233 (0) 302 776621 OR 302 771701
KUMASI+233 (0) 322 020014 OR (0) 322 020018
BOLGATANGA+233 (0) 382 021141
HO+233 (0) 3620 26339
KOFORIDUA+233 (0) 342 28380 OR 342 28382
SUNYANI+233 (0) 352 027564
TAKORADI+233 (0) 312 028063 OR (0) 312 028049
TAMALE+233 (0) 3720 28105 OR 3720 20104

You can get more contact information on the official NCA website at

If you still have any questions. Please do not hesitate to post it in the comment box below.

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