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PayPal questions answered for Ghana
Have you been looking for ways to use a PayPal Ghana account? Or do you have a PayPal account and having trouble using it?
Making a payment online is still a big issue for most people especially using PayPal in Ghana. The world around us is diversifying the way money is transferred from one region to another due to advancement in technology.

Gone are the old banking days when one would have to join long ques to receive or withdraw funds. Even advanced countries have managed to move away from extensive use of physical money to electronic money transfers and digital currencies.

One of the key companies spearheading this form of global digital or electronic money transfer is PayPal. 

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PayPal is a service that helps users to pay, send, and accept money on its global digital platform. In effect, PayPal acts as a middleman between the buyer and the seller. The buyer will first make payment to PayPal and then, they will channel the amount paid to the seller without sharing any Personal Data.

Since PayPal is a pioneer in online and international money transfers, many Ghanaian citizens are looking for ways to hook up to PayPal. Due to this, there have been lots of questions about PayPal recently.

In response to these questions, I have listed twenty (20) answers to these frequently asked question about PayPal. Take time to go through the answers. Below is a list of most asked questions about PayPal:

#1. What is needed to set up or open a PayPal account in Ghana?

There is a basic requirement for every account on PayPal no matter your jurisdiction.
  • First of all, one must be from a qualifying country (where PayPal is accepted legally). This is because some countries have been restricted by the company.  
  • Your legal name. (the name on your IDs and documents)
  • You must have an email address that has never been used on PayPal before.
  • A street address or physical address is required.
  • A mobile phone number.
  • Date of birth (DOB)
  • Country code (e.g. 00233 for Ghana)
  • A valid ID card or passport.
  • A credit card or debit card which is linked to a bank that has international money transfer services.
  • A business registration certificate if you want to get a Business account.
Unfortunately, since 2009, Ghana has been on PayPal’s list of banned countries.
Since then, when registering a PayPal account, on the registration form, Ghana is no more listed as part of the countries to choose as an option.
In simple terms, Ghana is out of the race. Hopefully, by 2019, Ghana will be taken off PayPal’s blacklist and be compliant as promised by the company—reported by myjoyonline.

#2. How can I get a verified PayPal in Ghana?

In spite of the ban, a Ghanaian abroad can have a PayPal account and can also use this same account for all transactions online. Again, a foreigner who visits Ghana can also register with PayPal right here without changing his IP or legal document.

Nevertheless, there’s still a way out. If you want to create an account in Ghana, you must read my previous article about how to create a verified PayPal account in Ghana.

#3. How do I know if I can receive money on PayPal Ghana account?

All PayPal account types, be it Personal or Premier (Business) can receive payment from other subscribers.
You may not be able to receive a payment if:
  1. Your email address and your credit card are not verified.
  2. The country where you registered your account is under restriction by PayPal.
Therefore, it is up to you to make sure that your account’s email and card has been verified first and that the country of registration is not under restriction.

#4. How does someone from Ghana or abroad pay money into my PayPal account?

The main way by which PayPal transfer funds online is via email addresses. If someone wants to pay money into your PayPal account, the only thing he will need is your email address which was used for registration.

Other means are via point of sales at shops, over-the-counter, and mobile numbers and app. These methods are common to US users and not available to most non-US users.

They have introduced a new service called It is a faster and easier way to receive payment via a generated URL link. The sender will not have to know your email address or mobile number.

 The good news is that they don’t even have to subscribe to PayPal.
This service is available to both Personal and Business users:
  • With any type of account, you can receive payment from friends and family.
  • People with Business accounts only can sell goods and services. is not available in all regions. You may check back often to see if your country is added.

#5. How do I set up an account to receive money in Ghana?

You don’t need to do any special setting to receive funds. You must sign up first. Once you register, you’ll receive an email notification, then, log in to your email account to verify your email address.

Secondly, you must add a credit card. The credit card should also be verified.

NB: The email address, mobile number, and physical address on PayPal must match what is on the credit card.

If you are in Ghana and do not know how to get a verified account, then, click here to read more about my 4 easy steps to create a PayPal account.

#6. How can I withdraw money from my PayPal account in Ghana?

To withdraw funds or money from your account in Ghana, you only have to link a credit card to your account. As soon as you have linked the card, you can log in and click on “Transfer” and choose the option; “From PayPal to Card”.

The money will be moved to your credit card which can be withdrawn from either an ATM or directly from your local bank.

#7. Can I have an account if I am under age 18?

Your account will be limited. You risk your account if you enter a false DOB (Date of Birth). By PayPal’s rules, you should be 18 or above to own an account.

#8. Can you register or sign up PayPal without a bank account from Ghana?

Yes. During the registration process, a bank account is not mandatory.
PayPal gives you an option to add a bank or not. The only requirement is to have a valid email address and to have a credit card which is linked to a bank account.

#9. When someone pays me through PayPal, how do I get the money into my Ghana bank?

If someone sends you money via PayPal, it will be credited to your PayPal account first. In Ghana, you cannot add any bank since PayPal does not endorse banks in Ghana due to some banking policies.

Do not take that risk to link a bank which is located in the Ghanaian terrain to PayPal. Your money could be blocked if you do this.

You can only link a Visa credit card issued by a Ghana bank since Visa card and MasterCard are all international services provided by international entities and not a service by these local banks.

#10. When someone sends you money on PayPal, how long does it take to be able to withdraw?

It takes between four (4) to seven (7) business days. This is done to protect the sender and at times to prevent fraud.

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#11. How much fee do I have to pay to receive money through PayPal?

Buying online or making payment for goods and services with PayPal is free. But, if you are a seller, there is a fee on each payment that you receive from your clients. A fee of 2.9% plus 0.30 USD will be charged on each successful transaction made.

#12. Can I use PayPal in Ghana?

It is possible for anyone who travels to Ghana to buy and sell using PayPal without any trouble. Therefore, you can also use PayPal in Ghana provided you abide by their strict rules.

#13. Can I use a Personal PayPal account to receive money in Ghana?

Yes, you can receive money with a Personal PayPal account IF the person paying you uses funds already in their PayPal account or bank transfer. If a Personal account holder uses his credit card only through PayPal you cannot receive that with a Personal account.

If the sender uses a Business account, he can send the money by using “Pay for goods and services”. This is a service by PayPal which comes with a fee. The recipient would be charged 2.9% plus 0.30 on the money received.

Alternatively, you can register at and then generate a .me link to be given to the sender.
Another great way is to use an exchange service. You will have to pay mobile money to the exchanger and he will also send to your account the amount requested in exchange.

If you want to get a PayPal fund to make a purchase using this type of exchange services, I can help you out. Click here to receive funds using my PayPal exchange service.

#14. What is required to be able to verify my account?

After you create a new account, you’ll be required to do two main verifications.
  1. An email verification. PayPal will send a verification link to your Inbox. Just a click on that link to verify your email. 
  2. Credit card verification. To verify your credit card, PayPal will debit (deduct) about $1.95 from your credit card. Therefore, you must have some amount say GHS15 on the card to make this deduction a success. After that, PayPal will send a four (4) digit code to the card holding bank (i.e. your bank).
So, you’ll need to ask your bank’s card operations department to get you the code which was sent by PayPal.

Then, log in to your account, click on Settings at the top-right corner of the page and click on verify my card. You must then enter the code you got from PayPal and submit to complete your verification.
For detailed instruction on how to verify your account, watch the video below.

#15. Can I link my Ghana bank account?

For now, PayPal does not accept any bank account from Ghana.

#16. Can I connect Payoneer or other US bank account to PayPal from Ghana?

You cannot link Payoneer to PayPal. Gone are the days when you were able to do that. The reason is that Payoneer issues a virtual credit card which is no more allowed according to PayPal’s policy.

You can connect an offshore bank account. Some banks provide such a service but at very high transaction fees.

An offshore account is an international bank account which is operated outside the banking region. For example, a businessman in Ghana can own a bank account in the USA and do all his business transaction in Ghana through the offshore bank.

#17. What bank in Ghana accepts PayPal?

No bank accepts PayPal. You must link your credit card or use an offshore service.

#18. Can I get a PayPal credit card in Ghana?

No. This is because Ghana is on PayPal’s blacklist.

#19. How can I make money using PayPal?

You can make money with PayPal by using my legitimate system. Click here to find out more.

#20. Is PayPal safe and secure for a Ghanaian user?

Generally, PayPal is ranked as one of the safest payment processors online. Therefore, it is safe for all those who use it legally.

Nevertheless, if you are trying to hide your identity by illegal means such as using a different name or hiding your IP address, then, you are not on the safer side. A friend of mine lost all that he had on PayPal. An amount of over $11,000.

Simply do the right thing to enjoy the freedom of using PayPal in Ghana.
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