Translate Is In Trouble In America - U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) Bans Payza for Life

Payza banned in the USA

What is Payza? 

Payza is an online payment processor which is similar to PayPal and a competitor in the crypto payment industry.

Payza was banned and their main website was shut down on 20th March 2018.

Payza is owned by MH Pillars Ltd. a Canadian based company co-owned by two brothers, Firoz Patel, 43, and Ferhan Patel, 37, who live in the area of Montreal, Qu├ębec.

It operates in many countries including U.S.A with the popular domain name which is currently under a ban.

The charges mitigated against the two brothers by the federal grand jury in the District of Columbia, USA, are alleged money laundering and operating an unregistered online financial business that had transacted more than $250 million.

According to the U.S Department of Justice (DOJ), Payza-which was once known as OboPay-had knowingly transmitted funds that were derived from illegal activity form, in, or about March 2012 until the present.

The company was indicted with illegal fund transfers which are said to be from Ponzi schemes, child pornography rings, and other criminal businesses. All these allegations are still under investigation but currently, Payza ceases operations in America.

Therefore their website is no more.

The Future of Payza

It is a piece of very sad news for all Payza clients in and around the U.S.A. Some funds at some U.S banks have been frozen.
Will Payza still in business? Yes! Currently, they will not be operating their business in the U.S.A but will be in business in other countries.

How Can I Login or Access My Payza Account?

All Payza users just got an official email notification from Payza, in case you missed it, here is it:
This is to inform you that Payza’s services are from now on fully operational and available at our new domain, fully operational to everyone except for residents of the United States.
All your account information and funds are secure and accessible at Due to circumstances beyond our control, our previous domain is no longer accessible, however our new domain defines Payza as now being a fully European service.
You can access your Payza account at

Is Payza Safe for Business Now? was a very friendly and safe e-wallet platform. It is trusted by millions of online businesses. It is actually next to PayPal.

I can say with authority that if Payza is to be allowed to compete with PayPal for the next three years, PayPal will lose tonnes of clients to Payza. That should tell you how strong Payza is.

Nevertheless, looking at the current trending issues, I can't tell what would be the next line of action against Payza. I think that you should use your discretion.

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