4 Reasons Why You Should Use PayPal

Why PayPal
Why use PayPal...?
It is important to consider the type of online payment processor that you use. Even if you have one already, you should still consider PayPal as a payment option.

First of all, you may wonder if you are eligible to use PayPal in Ghana. The answer is simply YES. Therefore, if you would want to create an account, then, consider reading more about how to create one here. In my previous article, I outlined four (4) easy steps to create a verified PayPal account in Ghana.

Let's now consider four main reasons why should you use PayPal in Ghana?

Reason #1 – It Has Top-Notch Security

As a brand, PayPal has firmly established itself as the #1 trusted online payment processor. They have won the hearts of many who do online transactions such as buying and selling, donating, sending and withdrawing funds, etc.

This is because security is the prime concern of PayPal since payment over the Internet has long been tagged with a scam. Therefore, all accounts are periodically monitored by humans and not robots only.

Reports indicate that PayPal is secured. Hacking PayPal has not been easy for the so-called hacker as well as the Anonymous Group.

You can trust PayPal when it comes to your money online because over the years they have an insignificant number of successful hack attempts.

Reason #2 - A Simple Cashless System

PayPal is a convenient cashless system whereby one can send and receive money using an email address. The email address serves as your bank account number and that’s all. You don’t need to carry huge sums of money on you if you have a PayPal account.

Since PayPal works in many countries, it is easy to send and receive money instantly using your email address, in person, or phone in any country where it is accepted. Funds in a PayPal account can be transferred to a debit card whatsoever. You can also pay with a credit card.
It is a flexible, easy-to-manage system with an accurate financial reporting interface.

Reason #3 – It is Very Popular for Both Users and Affiliate Marketers

An affiliate program is a form of performance marketing whereby an online business owner (such as an e-commerce store owner) will ask a blogger (the affiliate partner) to place a sales link for the store on his blog or website. When the link generates a sale, the affiliate is paid a commission of the sale.

For most e-commerce and online service providers who resort to affiliate marketing, PayPal is used to pay affiliate commissions. As an affiliate, you will need to have a PayPal account registered with your legal name and documents. It should also be verified to prove ownership of the provided documents.

There are lots of affiliate programs that pay high affiliate commission via PayPal. Therefore, if you dream to make money online with an affiliate program, then you must have an account with PayPal.

It is a very popular payment option for about 86% online stores and vendors have integrated PayPal payment button or donation button into their sites.

Reason #4 – PayPal is Trusted By Both Buyers and Merchants.

It is integrated with millions of online stores. They own over 200 million users. Such a huge number should tell you how trustworthy PayPal is in the e-payment arena.

Since it’s trusted by millions of online users, it provides a high level of confidentiality for the user thereby increasing the purchasing power. Users do not hesitate to push the “buy button” or “donated button” ones they see that it is PayPal.

If you are a developer and forsake linking PayPal to your website as a payment option, then you’re leaving a bunch of money on the table.

I use it for my website and have experienced an increase in sales. No wonder PayPal is massively used by the USA, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom—these are the four key countries where online purchases are very high.

All the big stores trust PayPal. e-Commerce sites such as the following trust PayPal as a payment option:
The few e-commerce sites that do not use PayPal do target specific geographic locations. e-Stores like Jumia and Kikuu use Mobile Money as their payment option because they target Africa where most countries are in PayPal’s blacklist category.

AliXpress, China’s biggest e-commerce platform which is part of do not use PayPal because they want to promote their own payment service called AliPay.

PayPal for Blacklisted Countries

In spite of all these PayPal benefits, it’s unfortunate to know that they have blacklisted some countries. To me, blacklisted countries are left in the dark side of the e-commerce world and are unable to befit from it.

Nevertheless, there is still a technic to create a PayPal account with your legal documents. If you are seriously in need of a PayPal account for business or to legitimately send, receive, or withdraw from a bank account in Ghana or elsewhere, then, look nowhere. I have the key to help you create an account with no worries.

What is PayPal Alternative?

For some reason, PayPal may not be your best choice. If so, Skrill is another payment option that also works closely alike. Skrill is vehemently closing the gap. Skrill is available in almost all countries where Skrill has blacklisted.

It also widely used by developers and has been integrated into many shopping carts. It is secured and simple like PayPal. It has a mobile payment button that allows mobile users to make payment via Skrill.

The decision is now yours. Use your own willpower to determine which of these to go for.

You can learn more about what PayPal is here.

Have a question? Shoot it in the comment block below. I will answer as soon as possible.

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