What is a PayPal Verified Account? - Send, Receive, Withdraw With PayPal For Ghana

What is a verified PayPal account
What is a verified PayPal account

What is PayPal?

I am sure that you’ve heard people talking a lot about PayPal and how it’s used widely on the Internet. Are you wondering what it really is?

PayPal, as its name depicts, is an online payment processor. It works just like Mobile Money or any other payment processor that you can think of; for buying and selling, transferring funds to and from family and friends. 

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How Does it Work and What Can I Use PayPal For?

PayPal is used mainly on the Internet in over 207 countries.
It is used to buy, sell, send and receive money. It’s one of the simplest ways to pay for goods and services online. It is a service that is very popular online for fund transfers using email, PayPal’s credit card at ATMs, in-person, phone, etc.

Many people also love how you can easily send and receive money using an email via PayPal. However, it can be linked to your bank account or credit/debit card for funding (depositing/crediting the account) and withdrawals (debits).

PayPal Account Types

PayPal is a free service for any Web user in a PayPal-whitelisted country. They have two basic account types, a Personal Account, and a Business Account.

The Personal account is for only those who want to buy, send, and receive only from other Personal account users.

The Business account is for those who own a business and would want to sell online, thereby receiving payment from their online clients. It can also be used for all the basic transactions just as the Personal account.

Before you create an account, decide on what to use the account for and then go ahead to create one. I will always recommend that you create a Business Account even if you will not use it for business purposes. This is because a business account will offer you a wide range of services which will not be available for Personal account holders.

PayPal for Web Developers or Website Owners

Web developers and website owners will have to generate a payment button (i.e. an HTML code) from PayPal and then paste it onto their website. When a user comes to the site to buy a product or service, he clicks on the PayPal button which is placed on the site to begin the payment process.

A report indicates that website owners who integrate PayPal into their site have increased conversions. The reason is that PayPal is used and trusted by most Americans.

The fact is that online users from America, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada are high prospective buyers of online products because e-commerce has become a modern trend in the lives of those Western Countries.

e-Business is rapidly becoming a global phenomenon. It is, therefore, time to be part of this changing scene. It is time to sign up to PayPal.

If your country is blocked from creating a PayPal account or from getting a payment button to link your PayPal account to a website, you can now get one.

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You may wonder; what is the requirement to open an account?  Why should I get a PayPal account?

Let’s discuss 4 reasons why you should use PayPal.

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