Can I Create a Verified PayPal Account in Ghana?

Easy way to get a verified PayPal account
Tired of losing money to get a verified PayPal account in Ghana? You may have made payments to some unscrupulous Internet guys who claim to get you a PayPal account where you will sign up with your legal documents, but after that can never be verified. Have you been a victim of those guys?  Oh! Sorry for that unfortunate happening.

I cannot explain in words how painful I felt emotionally when I lost about GHS250.00 to those Internet gurus (as they claim). I see them as fake gurus.


But hey! you can create a genuine personal or business account where you can sign in from any country, device, and/or IP address. Plus you'll get my 100% FREE guide. YES, you can log in, deposit or fund your PayPal, and withdraw. No registration problems.

After that horrible experience, I kept searching... Because they have become the Internet's giant payment processor, everyone keeps looking for ways to create an account.

Unfortunately, due to banking policies and security reasons, PayPal has blacklisted some counties like Ghana and many other countries. These countries on PayPal's blacklist cannot create accounts using those counties' documents such as bank details, ID cards, passport, mobile numbers, etc. which are required when registering a PayPal account.

The good news is that they haven't fully blocked all these settings due to the fact that some Ghanaians in the diaspora still use it. For example, if a Ghanaian journey abroad to say, USA, he will have complete access to PayPal using his Ghanaian passport and the rest.

What if that Ghanaian abroad travels back to Ghana, can't he access his PayPal account in Ghana? Yes! He will.

Why then is it that someone leaving abroad who visits a blacklisted country is able to create an account in such a country but the local man cannot?

True, Those Ghanaians From Whitelisted Countries Can Go Ahead With Fully Verified Account on PayPal. 

I mean this is a legal PayPal registration without changing your IP address. You can log in from Ghana and use a Visa prepaid card for PayPal.

I know that you have been searching for this for quite a long time, as most people Google for terms like; PayPal Ghana registration, account in Ghana, How to open a PayPal account, PayPal VCC (Virtual Credit Card), how to use PayPal, how does PayPal works?, how to sign up PayPal account?, how PayPal works?, can you use PayPal in Ghana?, how to get a PayPal account without a credit card?, PayPal Ghana 2018 and many more.

All these searches are as a result of constant need and high demand for PayPal. On the other hand, this has also contributed to the account creation information overload on the Web. A lot of bloggers are now talking about "how to get a PayPal account" whiles they don't actually have a true solution.

To worsen things, they charge as much as GHS100.00 or GHS150.00 for helping you to get a PayPal account that cannot:
  1. Be verified.
  2. Link to your bank account for withdrawal.
  3. Be used to sell online.

The fact that some guys are faking the creation of PayPal does not necessarily mean that all bloggers are fake and as such will produce the same bad result.

But how have some gotten the solution to creating a genuine PayPal account with valid Ghanaian documents?

  • No need to hide IP address.
  • They have verified.
  • They use for all online transactions.
  • Able to withdraw.   
  • There's no limit.

You can read more about creating a verified PayPal account using my easy-to-read eBook.

How Much Does it Cost for This eBook? 

Well, how much do you expect to pay for this?  I well know how it feels when someone lends a helping hand in times of need. I am also aware of how painful it is that your own countryman extorts you because he has a little advantage over you.

Therefore, I am not going to extort to you because I have a little advantage over you at this moment. I will not charge GHS150.00 neither will I charge GHS100.00. No, not GHS70.00.

You can just go ahead to download my eBook.

Nevertheless, this opportunity may not last forever, and one way or the other, I may also need your help in the near future. Who knows?

I may one day decide to close down this opportune window. This also indicates that YOU should not delay, neither should you overlook this fine opportunity to grab yours now.

Even if you don't need it today, you may need it tomorrow, but the opportunity may not be available for you at that time.

I can confidently say that PayPal is now the top Internet payment hub across the globe. Since the Internet is really growing at super speed, payment online will one day become the order of the day in every country.

So Cease the Opportunity to Grab My eBook Now! 

Do it now, follow my 5 easy steps using the link below:

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