Translate 2017 School Placement for JHS - How To Easily Print Placement Form

Need to check out with the school selection and placement? Don't you know how to go about the process or even don't know the site? Is the site not opening?

Here are some few tips to get you going... The Computerized School Selection & Placement System (CSSP) is designed to place students into various Senior High Schools (SHS) based on the student's overall score.

The system simplifies the placement process as it was done manually some time ago. Candidates are required to print out their placement form and send them to their respective Senior High Schools.

Nevertheless, there are some technical hitches that need to be rectified by the system administrators. Especially, when there is a little traffic on the system, the page for the placement process does not respond which causes great disappointment to the user.

How to Easily Print Your School Placement Form
# You first have to purchase a placement voucher card from the post office, any internet cafe or from a vendor.

# Go to the Ghana Education Service placement site at

# Enter your JHS exams index number (i.e the BECE index). If you took the exams in the year 2017, then you'll have to add 17 to the 10-digits index number. For example, XXXXXXXXXX17.

# Find the Serial Number on the placement voucher card and enter into the box indicated Card Serial No.

# Then, enter the Personal Identification Number (PIN) on your voucher card.

# Finally, click on Submit.

Ones everything has gone through, another page will be opened to display three different links. Click on each link one after the other to print your placement form, the validation form, and the fee.

How to Easily Print the Placement Form if the Page Does Not Open

If the CSSPS page seems unresponsive, it may be due to the high traffic volume on the site. As a result, the server will be flickering. In such a case it is best to hold on the process till say late evening where the traffic may be less.

Alternatively, you can try opening the page with a smart and lighter browser. Download Max Browser or UC Browser which worked for me.

If you still have other issues with your school placement, then you can lodge a complaint to the CSSPS administrator at


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