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Application Form for Ghana National Fire Service Recruitment-
Ghana National Fire Service Recruitment
Are you looking to be hired by Ghana National Fire Service? If Yes, then grab your documents and head to GCB or any other bank to register today. To register at the bank, you need to have an email address and a phone number. Do you have them set? Then let's see who qualifies.

Who Qualifies for GNFS Recruitment 2017-2018?

This year's recruitment cuts across applicants of all walks of life except JHS graduates.
Men and Women are wanted for positions as:

  • Accounts Officers 
  • Counselors 
  • Dance Band 
  • Drivers and Driver Mechanics 
  • Engineers 
  • Firefighters and Rescue Crew 
  • Forensic Scientist 
  • IT Technicians 
  • Lawyers 
  • Public Regulation Officers 
  • Regimental Band 
  • Registered General Nurses (RGN)-Degree Holders 
  • Registered General Nurses (RGN)-Diplomate

What is Required?

Though JHS candidates don't qualify except for drivers with 10 years of experience, applicants are required to provide a JHS certificate.

All applicants must first meet the general eligibility as stated below. Applicants must:

  1. Be a Ghanaian citizen by birth. 
  2. Be with no criminal record and of good character. 
  3. Be between 18 years of age and 26 years (for NON Tradesmen). 
  4. Not be more than 35 years of age (For Drivers). 
  5. Be physically and medically fit by Fire Service Standards. 
  6. Be a male of 1.73 Meters (5 Feet: 8 Inches) MINIMUM and a female of 1.6 Meters (5 Feet: 4 Inches) MINIMUM.  There are additional requirement for various qualification categories. Make sure to check them out.
You can find more info on the requirement here. Click below:

How to Apply for Ghana National Fire Service Recruitment

Step 1: Login to the Ghana National Fire Service Registration site at Open the Ghana National Fire Service Recruitment Application Form.  

Step 2: Enter your bank payment details

Step 3: Choose your qualification category to apply.

Step 4: Enter your PERSONAL DETAILS


Step 6: Add your REFEREES AND INTEREST. (NOTE: You must have 2 referees with their Full Names, Email addresses, and Mobile numbers at hand.)

Step 7: Upload your PROFILE IMAGE. (It should be in .jpeg format.)

Step 8: Upload your documents. (They should be in PDF format). 

Step 9: Review your application.

Step 10: Click Submit to finish.

Get more information on how to apply for Ghana Nation Service using the following link:

What is the Fire Service Application Deadline Date?

Sales of application forms ends 4th January 2018.


  1. please i just saw it online about the shortlist, this means no messages are sent to applicants.
    please how do we know when the screening will start?

    1. Everything is done on their site. You'll have to log in with your pin or mobile number to find out.

  2. Please when will the fire service start their training

  3. Please when will the fire service start their training

  4. Please how far now about the Ghana national fire service recruitment 2016

  5. Please how far now about the Ghana national fire service recruitment 2016

  6. Pls when is the 2017/2018 recruitment beginning?

    1. Hi There,
      I managed to contact the Headquarters of GNFS - Accra concerning 2017 recruitment. Unfortunately, they were unable to provide a vivid answer.

      I will try to follow up again and update you on any solid information that I get.

  7. Pls I lost the copy of my application print out ...
    But I can’t access it on the GNFS site any more

    1. Please try the following to see if you can print your application report.

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