How Make Money with Bestselling Affiliate Marketing Programs and Products for Bloggers, Website Developers, Members, AIOP Team, Newbie

Affiliate marketing tips
Here is how to make money blogging. Learn how to create a simple money-making machine and Make Money with Bestselling Affiliate Marketing Programs and Products. Build your home-based business just by creating your own blog or site.

Today most companies are in need of online ads. Learn how to create a whiteboard storytelling video and leverage on its money sweeping system. You'll find out the home-based job(s) and affiliate programs that pay the most money.

As an online marketer, I've been researching extensively to get real tools and simple ways to make money online and to keep my e-Business and that of my clients at top-notch.
At last, I've found the success secrets to building the best home-based business!

I can promise you this…
#1 Single Fastest Easiest 
Way to create your own home-based business

I don't mean that all will happen in just a single click of a button. You'll have to work toward success.

I am not promising a magical $30,000 in a day. Anyone who promises to give you such cash in a day is NOT the REAL guy for real online business.

I am going to teach you the real thing to make money blogging online, creating money-making websites and promoting affiliate products.

Are you in a rush? Just click on the links below to see the best affiliate programs and products that I recommend.

My wish is to help you build a real home-based business, not a job.

What you need:
  A computer with Internet access
  1 hour each day for posting an email
  Hot selling digital products – that are easy to convert
  Email List
  Traffic (site visitors who will become sales prospects)

Since every business requires investment, this means that there is cost. It’s nothing crazy though. You'll have to spend a little in order to make a profit.

Remember this; I am not here to sell anything to you. My philosophy is that: “WHATEVER YOU LOVE MOST, LET IT GO FREE.” I love to work hard, do extensive research and to share my personal experience with everyone across the globe including (YOU). Online business is teamwork. I love to partner with all sorts of people worldwide. As we come together to share ideas, we'll grow our e-business.

What you'll get:
  • Email list builders and a dozen pre-written emails
  • Products to sell (you'll get 50% to 100% commission)
  • Autoresponder 
  • Paid Ads to help you promote your products
  • Ad Rotator
  • Ad tracker and URL shortener
  • Professional Web hosting
  • Splash / Squeeze page creator
  • 24/7 Support
  • Professional PLR and MRR eBooks and Software
  • Drag and Drop Website Builder
  • Mobile optimized website creator
  • Free Text and Banner Ads
  • Video Testimonial Creator
  • Quality Audio Video books 
  • Ad Co-op
  • Downline Builder
  • Photo Slider Maker
  • Video Squeeze Creator
  • Royalty-free images for your marketing
(Note: the above-mentioned tools are for my All In One Profits (AIOP) team members only)
With my simple plan, you'll know the #1 Simple Fastest Easiest ways to build a complete work at home business or job.

Just follow my simple steps closely. If you really want to make it online, then look nowhere, listen to no one, read nothing else except my clew; I'll provide you with links and tools to help build your own home-based business.

Click on any of the links provided to find out how these tools and sites can help you to build a successful business and make huge returns on investment.
Get complete e-business tools:

Let’s quickly go through the basic steps to building a solid long-lasting business online. As I said earlier, just follow my simple steps closely. If you really want to make it online, then look nowhere, listen to no one, read nothing else except my clew; I'll provide you with links and tools to help you build the home-based job(s) that makes the most money. I have grouped these business tutorials into three modules.

Module 1:

The first method will take you through the simple and fastest way to make money by selling products for other companies as an affiliate. Again, you'll know why it’s important to invest in some easy and trustworthy money making programs. All these methods have been tested and I am very sure that if you follow the method, you will succeed.

Module 2: 

In order to make money online, you need traffic to your blog or website. Traffic is the number of visitors and visits that a website receives. In this module, you'll find out how to engineer to get traffic to your business. Also, detailed will be the best email marketing practices and simple ways to keep your site visitor coming back again and again.

Module 3: 

This module takes you through creating your own website, app or mobile wap site. You'll get the best tools and Web hosting for your proposed website, app or mobile site. You'll know how to choose the right domain name and where to get ready-made Websites.
All these tutorials are easy to grasp and simple to follow. I will recommend that you finish reading the entire steps to prepare for a successful business ahead.

Model 1:

You can simply make money by investing in Referral Programs or selling Affiliate products.
The reason why I have chosen selling as an affiliate or joining referral programs is that it’s quick to begin even without having a complete website. Whilst creating a website may take some considerable amount of time and involve some learning curves, affiliate programs are straightforward.

So you can simply start making money by just generating an email list and promoting already made easy-to-sell products to your list.
NOTE: You will easily get email list by joining a team of marketers that use a system called Credit Based Safelist. On the other hand, you can generate emails from your social media groups such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Whatsapp groups. You'll also be given sample emails pre-written for your promotions.
Research has shown that online marketers who succeed have their own products to sell and they have a list of people to market to them. It has, therefore, become a cliché that: “Money is in the LIST.”
The simple best way to succeed online is to have:

  • Your own website.
  • Some products to promote online.
  • Email list and List Builder to collect email addresses of people and to promote those products to that list.
  • Traffic

This process is really simple and can be done by anyone who knows how to copy and paste with a PC or mobile phone.

Because creating a website will take some substantial time if you are a newbie, I will first consider how to get quick selling products to make money from home while you build your own website steadily.
Everything is based on finding people to buy the products you are about to sell, you need to have a list of people who are ready to buy.

The hard work has been done for you. I will show you some sites where you can get 5000 people to promote your products to. These people will read your emails and will take action which will likely result in a sale. It’s unlike sending emails to people that you are not sure of reading your emails.

In your case, you'll join a team of online marketers who are already in need of hot marketing tools to help them do business. They are all part of a Safelist where each one is supposed to read every email received.
You'll also be provided with all the promotional tools including pre-written emails just to copy, paste and send to the respective recipient. All these tools will help you to sell any product easily and make money.

Note: Every business requires selling. In the same way, e-business requires selling.
Nevertheless, you need not worry about how to do it. My team and I will guide you through. As a matter of fact, we promote our member’s products with paid advertising using ad rotators in aid of making sales for them. Notwithstanding that fact, it’s your own business, so you have to promote it in addition to what we do to help you.

NOTE: Only members of the LegitEBusiness team will benefit from the products promotion system.
Let’s then begin with simple steps of building the best-paid business or job from home.

Step 1:

Make sure to have a Google Account purposely for doing business and to receive business emails. Even if you have one, I recommend that you create a new one solely for this business.

Step 2:

Choose any of the RED HOT SELLING products that I have handpicked for you. Register and follow the step to promote them.

Qst: How do I know that the products are RED HOT SELLING?

Ans: Because everyone is making good comments and reviews about them all over the Web. Besides, I have purchased the products myself tried and tested to know that it clicks. Moreover, they have a good compensation plan – about 50% to 100% commission per sale for affiliate referrals.

To make it very easy for you, I have done extensive research on all the products that I am recommending to you today. I can assure you that it will never fail if you promote it according to the guidelines given.

My Recommended Best Affiliate Programs

LegitEBusiness Affiliate Review

LegitEBusinss is built on solid ground by my team and I. We figured out how to answer a common question which is frequently asked by many make-money-from-home seekers. Most of them usually asked: "How can I make money fast without spending money?" 

Yes, they want to make money without investing a single dollar. They want to earn or start an online business with zero cost. 

If you have thought of that before, then, you are not the only one who feels that the Internet should be a free playground for all.

Nevertheless, spending the time to do extensive research, paying for the right services to be able to host your content or to advertise, even subscribing to a mobile data bundle or a wifi service are all not free.

After all these expenses, one may decide to give out a product for free. But the big question is: "Who bare the cost?"   

This gives a clear indication that every online service or product it never totally free as some may claim. Truly, there would be a monetization module that will pay off the petty expenses. Some of these monetization modules can be donations, Ads like AdSense, direct payment, etc. 

Start Earning Without Spending a Dime

LegitEBusiness team has provided a simple way to help anyone to start an e-business without paying any money. 

We have created a complete site for you to monetize with that. The site has been optimized to rank well by search engines. Additionally, it converts well. You'll earn 100% commissions for life.

We are only doing this not merely for profit but to build a strong brand where you and I can leverage on for passive income. 

It is borderless. It means that it does not matter the country you are from. Are you from the USA, and part of America, UK, Canada, Australia, Netherland, Russia, Portugal, Peru, India, any part of Assia, Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Sudan, you name them... You can use it without trouble.

The payment is also paid directly into your Flutterwave account, ORU, or Bitcoin.
In order not to prolong the matter, just go-ahead to start building your income generation system today. 

All In One Profits (AIOP) Review

I rated All In One Profits affiliate program as number 2 because they pay also 100% commission per referral sale. They provide quality products and at a very cheap price. The company is officially located in Netherland and they are called All In One Profits because they provide All In One Box Web Business Tools for individuals and businesses alike.

They provide 20 plus Web business tools including professional web hosting (which may cost $15.00/month in value if bought from other companies);
All In One Profits squeeze page creator ($8/mo. In value);
AIOP Autoresponder ($12/mo. In value);
AIOP Downline Builder ($15/mo. In value);
All In One Profits URL Rotator ($6/mo. In value);
AIOP Free Banner and Text Ads ($15/mo. In value);
AIOP Link Tracker ($10/mo. In value);
Mobile friendly drag and drop Website Builder ($15/mo. In value);
AIOP Ad co-op ($30/mo. In value);
All In One Profits Web Video Testimonial creator and more.
All the above-named tools are sold not for $100/Mo, $97/Mo, $50/Mo or even $30/Mo but an affordable $10/mo. – basic level.

So you see why it’s All In One Profits? Imagine promoting such a product! Easy to sell!

AIOP Compensation Plan for Affiliates

All In One Profits pay 100% commission to its affiliates. How? If you refer someone to buy the $10 product; you're paid back $10 as a thank you bonus for your hard work.
Your second referral’s $10 will be paid to your up-line referrer. Again you'll be paid $10 for your third referral and so and so forth.

That’s simple, the decision is yours.

How to Join/Become All In One Profits (AIOP) Affiliate

Registration is free. You can simply enter your name and your best email address in the opt-in box. You can register AIOP for free but only paid members will receive the mentioned tools and commission. This is done to keep the company in operation because the company pays 100% commission to its affiliates.

To me, this payment is zero cost. The reason is that affiliates pay only $10 and they’re paid back $10 for their 1st referral. A 100% return on investment (ROI). If the affiliate is able to refer 6 people in a Month, he is paid $30 and $30 goes to the affiliate’s upline referrer. A 300% return on investment (ROI). That goes on and on…

Click here to find more about All In One Profits affiliate program.

SiteSell (SBI) Affiliate Program Review

Ken Evoy is the founder of SiteSell. SiteSell is a hub of online business building stuff. With My Top Tier Business, you're taken through a full set of training to make even the most inexperienced marketer a 6 figure earner.

SiteSell also pays big to its affiliate members. It’s one of the online affiliate programs that hold its affiliate members to high esteem. They make sure that their affiliate gets the sales that they have worked for through referrals.

In most affiliate programs, if an affiliate referrers a prospect, the affiliate system leaves a cache file on the prospects computer or mobile device that tracks the sale made by a particular affiliate. In this way, the company may know that the sale was referred by affiliate X or by affiliate Y.

If affiliate Y referrers a prospect who is yet to buy the product in the future, the cache file is set to track that prospect referred by affiliate Y for three months in most cases. Within that three months period while the cache file resides on the prospects device, if he decides to buy the product, the sale belongs to affiliate Y.
So affiliate sales are tracked for three months for most affiliate programs.

SiteSell Affiliate is different. Their system tracks prospects for six months till the prospect buys. In this, you'll never lose a sale if you're the first to refer that prospect.
They even have affiliate managers behind the scene who work hard to close the sales for affiliate members.
A real dedicated phone sales team who will close a $1000, $3000 and $5000 sales for you.

SiteSell (SBI) Affiliate Com Plan

SBI's affiliate program simply pays 60% commissions on all yearly subscription plans.
Click here to find out more about SiteSell plan.
How to Join/Become SiteSell Affiliate to Cash in $1000 a Month
It is also free to join as an affiliate.

Click here to join SiteSell affiliates now...

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate has been in existence for long and has helped many people create wealth in the online business arena.
Wealthy Affiliate provides training for all who want to make money blogging online or build a home-based business by making your own blog/website.

Wealthy affiliate has a community of online business builders who engage in supporting each other in the community to build a successful online business. Members are provided with free tools to aid in creating a blog or a professional website.

The tools include web hosting and web keyword research tools. It is a great community for e-business support.

Wealthy Affiliate’s compensation plan

As an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliates, you'll be paid $4 for referring the first person who pays as a basic member. Again, you'll be paid bounty monthly commission if your referrals upgrade to a pro membership plan.

It easy to promote Wealthy Affiliate because there are many reviews online that are recommending Wealthy Affiliate. Such programs have a high conversion rate.

Click here to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate.

How to Join/Become a Wealthy Affiliate

Participation is free. If you want to promote this program, go ahead as a pro. Join Wealthy Affiliate program, build your own business as an entrepreneur and begin making it known to the world.

My Recommended Products

#1. CBProAds
#2. Whiteboard video maker (for video lovers)

These products give real value to every online business owner. No wonder they are selling on a lighting speed.

#1. CBProAds is a complete storefront that provides a unique way of getting your own ClickBank store version. ClickBank is the bisggest online hub for all kinds of digital products. Namely, e-books, software, video training, and tutorials, etc.

CBProAds includes full training on how to build an online business step-by-step.
It is referred to as the Master ClickBank Storefront Generator.

How to Sell CBProAds as an Affiliate

CBProAds is been sold through the world’s biggest digital product warehouse – ClickBank.  You have to be a member of ClickBank to promote CBProAds. If you’re not yet a member of ClickBank, I will recommend that you register now.

After registering with ClickBank, go to the link below enter your ClickBank affiliate ID into the promotional tools provided and begin cashing in money from your affiliate link.

Click here to learn more about CBProAds

#2. Whiteboard video maker is great software that is used to create an animated video of your choice. Whiteboard videos are creative story-telling videos. It is a storyboard with picture-drawing on a whiteboard.

Whiteboard video animations are becoming very popular in online marketing. Businesses are rushing to it but with few software programs available. The few available are sold around $200 to $500.

Whiteboard video maker is as cheap as pizza when compared to other whiteboard animation software; a price of $37 one-time payment. This is easy to sell because it is on the high demand by businesses.

How to Make Money with Whiteboard/Storyboard Animation

The first step is to become an affiliate marketer of whiteboard…. Unfortunately, to become an affiliate, the company requires that you have already made a minimum of 50 sales from the JVzoo affiliate platform. This means that newbies are out of the race. Nevertheless, I still have a trick that can be used to crush the money-making machine.  

Here’s the trick;
  • A great deal of small businesses wants to advertise their businesses to the world online. A whiteboard animator is a perfect solution for online or TV storyboard advertising. Why not learn this simple way of creating storytelling advertising. The program is really easy to use and to master quickly, EVEN FOR NON-TECHIES.

    Where do you find businesses? In your local area! Write a simple letter to tell them what you can do for them in terms of advertising. Show a presentation of sample storyboard ads you have created. Begin raking money, because adverting is the core foundation of every business. They can never survive without ads! On the other hand, there are thousands of businesses looking for advertisers online.

    Catch them on,,,, etc. If you even sell an ad for $5 and imagine if you sell 10, 20 or 100 ads. As I said earlier, my philosophy is that: “WHATEVER YOU LOVE MOST, LET IT GO FREE.” So I've created a sample business advertising form and sample advertising agreement to be downloaded for your offline ad business promotion.

  • Download a sample business advertising form here.  You can also visit for all your business documents.

  • With the same whiteboard video creator pack, you can make money on YouTube. How? YouTube pays its video creators for posting on their platform. Can you see ads displayed on some YouTube videos? YouTube pays per single view of the displayed ad.

    Additionally, pays for sharing your skills in video format.  Why not monetize by creating 1 minute simple but funny video with Whiteboard video creator. You can also post the ads to make money. I recommend checking out on how to make money posting ads.

    The whiteboard video creator pack software is in its pre-launch and maybe the owners may decide to increase the price in no time. He keeps increasing the price, it was $27 and increased to $37, so the smartest will make a big discount.

Click here to learn more about the best whiteboard video creator

Guys, as you consider doing business online, such tools are the gateway to making money online and offline. Without investment, there is no business. Every successful business was founded on four basic things; time investment, money investment, quick action, and punctuality. So take action now!

Consider your abilities and inabilities as to which of the above programs or products that you'll passionately be able to promote. Get it, study and think of other best ways to monetize.

The more you do it, the more great ideas will be ringing in your mind.

There are dozens of best digital products and programs this year, but I simply can't bombard you with all these stuff. I will consider more in my upcoming articles. Just keep abreast of my future posts.

In a nutshell, the easiest ways to make money with bestselling affiliate marketing programs and products have been considered verbatim. The rest is your decision to take action now. Make sure that you have registered with any of the recommended programs or products.

In the next article, I will discuss simple fast ways to promote My Recommended Affiliate Programs and products:
NB: As an affiliate for any of the above products, you can’t buy them through your own affiliate link. If you do that, you may either lose your money or forsake your affiliate account. That is a simple outlined rule by the sales companies.
But in case you want to buy any, just keep me in mind to buy through my affiliate link. In that way, you do me a big favor by rewarding me for my effort—sleepless nights, time and energy to do research in other to provide quality content for YOU my cherished reader.   
Remember that because of you, I have tirelessly spent time, nights and effort to pen down about 3500 words. The reason is that I want YOU to be my partner in business—a friend that you can rely on for support 24/7. So go ahead ask Steve any question or make a comment below and I’ll be always ready for YOU.

Check me out as I partner with you to generate TRAFFIC and to monetize.


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