Prestige Royale Is a Big Job Scam - Never Join!


Prestige Royale International 
Prestige Royale Is a Big Job Scam - Never Join!
Is Prestige Royal ( a big scam? Well, as you saw in the title of this blog (Steve Fynn's Clickbuisness Jobs), you may have heard of Prestige Royale before and may be wondering whether this company is authentic or not.

The answer is simple. The title "Prestige Royale Is a Big Job Scam - Never Join!" is just a writing prank to catch the reader’s eye. This is usually done because eyeballs are all around looking for great, amusing and stirring information. Besides, Web sites are really competing for eyeballs. So is mine.

You should never join Prestige Royale if you want to miss great opportunities.

The face is that Prestige Royale is NOT a scam. Prestige Royal International is a discount and loyalty company currently operating in Ghana, Nigeria and other African counties. They are affiliated to other big companies such as United Bank for Africa (UBA)Melcom Ghana, MTN and many other companies from across the globe.

Prestige Royale aims at giving its members an opportunity to get discount on anything they purchase from affiliate stores. These opportunities include discount on travel services in general and many other services that you can think of.

So you heard the big names involved in this opportunity membership. It’s never a lie. This is a great opportunity for every Ghanaian or Nigerian who wants to buy products at wholesale prices from today.

It's another great opportunity to make money from joining Prestige Royale International referral program. Remember that this is never a Get-Rich-Quick deal.

You’ll earn GHc 13.00 from any person that you refer to join Prestige Royale Premium membership. You will again get GHc 13.00 from your referral’s refer, again GHc 13.00 from each of your third and forth Level referrals.

Get more detail on how Prestige Royale commissions are paid.

Additionally, you can choose to pre-register member for money. Prestige Royale pays you for registering non-premium members.

Amazingly, you can refer people to join Prestige Royale from your mobile phone at home. This means you become a work at home guru. This is a great opportunity for all Ghanaian/Nigerian unemployed youths and youths around Africa as a whole.

As I said earlier, the title “Prestige Royale Is a Big Job Scam - Never Join!” is just a writing prank. If you are 18 and above and can read/write. No matter your education, just tell people to register. Tell them use your mobile number as the sponsor whiles registering or do it for them and reap the reward when they upgrade to premium.

Thousands of people are always searching Online for the Prestige Royale opportunities. So they do search on Google, Yahoo, MSN and more using keywords like:

  • Prestige Royale membership
  • Prestige royal international
  • prestige royal Ghana
  • Opportunities for Ghana and Nigeria by Prestige Royale
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  • Shop at Melcom with Prestige voucher
  • United Bank for Africa-UBA and Prestige Royale affiliation

You can try these searches to see the truth.

I have already joined.

Below is my link that I make money from:

Is it free to join?

Yes! You can join for free just by filling the form. Click Here to Join if you want to buy anything at wholesale prices from Melcom Ghana or any other shop across Africa and Dubai.

Again, if you want to make money from home, Join Now.

Because Prestige Royale wants to be loyal to you, they pay you through MTN Mobile Money. So you can see that there is no scam. Anytime someone upgrades, your commission does not go to Prestige Royal at all, it comes straight to your MTN Mobile Money account.

Prestige Royale gives you great advantages for becoming a premium member.

  1. Get big discount when you shop at Melcom Ghana or at any other Prestige affiliate partner shop.
  2. United Bank for Africa (UBA) gives you their Verifies by Visa Debit Card to use for all your business transactions globally.
  3. Whiles everyone pays for the full cost of their air ticket, Prestige Royale members get big discount.
  4. Members get additional money when they tell friends and family to join.
  5. Shop Online at Prestige Royale Web site at very cheap prices. Relax whiles your good are delivered to your doorstep.
  6. As a member, you can win more prices.

Why not join All In One Profits now.

Click here to join before this great opportunity overtakes you.

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