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How To Stop Receiving MTN Messages on Your Phone

mtn ghana boring messages-how to stop them on your mobile phone
Stop receiving boring SMS from MTN 
Are you annoyed with bunch of mobile messages from MTN? Does MTN deduct your credit anytime you top up? This is how to prevent those messages from ever coming to your mobile phone. Don’t receive those boring messages again. Those messages are for advertising purposes.

These telecommunication companies MTN, Airtel, Tigo, Glo and Expresso periodically send SMS or TXT to your phone to lure you to subscribe to a service which can drain your mobile credit mercilessly.

Sometimes, you are asked to enter a certain code to receive caller tune which is of no importance to me. You may also be requested to subscribe for spot update, daily jobs, news and more.

In most cases, you’ll find yourself wanting to prevent or unsubscribe from such a service.

No Way Out? Sorry!

Because MTN knows that your little money from that SMS/TXT subscription pays to them a huge amount daily, monthly, and yearly.

The messages are sometime boring and will not be removed even if you call the customer care service.

A time to stop receiving that unwanted message or SMS! Below is how to prevent MTN messages from coming to your cell phone.

Step 1:

Take note of the short code that MTN used to send you that message. Sometimes it is a three (3) digit code such as 282 or any other.

Step 2:

Immediately you receive that unwanted message, go to your phone’s message box and create a New SMS.

Step 3:

Enter STOP in the message box.

NOTE that the STOP should be in block letters and nothing else.

Step 4:

Send the message to the same number that brought the message to you (that is, the sender’s number-you are the recipient). In my scenario, the sender’s number is 282.

So you’ll have to send STOP to 282.

Wait to see a reply. If you don’t see a reply, still wait a while to see if the unwanted message will pop up again.

Did it happen again?

Yes or No?

If Yes, then try Step 1 to 4 again.
If No, then you’re done.

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