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How to Solve MTN Mobile Money Error Message—Balance Request not processed.

Have you ever had a problem with checking your MTN Mobile Money Account Balance?
Then this is how to solve the MTN Mobile Money Error message:
Balance request not processed: please call the Mobile Money call center.
MTN Mobile Money balance checking error.

If you ever face this problem, then it might be that your SIM card or chip can not request for the information your requested from MTN servers. Message sent to request the information fails.
Don't worry, the following steps may be helpful:

Step 1:

First locate the MTN SIM service menu on your phone.
You can usually find the MTM SIM Service under the phones MENU LIST. MENU LIST is a list of useful tools and applications such as Contacts, Settings, Media, Apps and more.
Within that list, you'll find My MTN which is represented a small SIM card or chip icon.

Select that Menu and press OK or SELECT.

Step 2:

You will then find the services that MTN provides.

The following is a list of services provided by MTN:
  1. Transfer money
  2. Pay Bill
  3. Top Up Airtime
  4. Allow Cash Out
  5. My Wallet
  6. Dial call center
SELECT Mobile Money --> 5. My wallet --> Check Balance

Step 3:

Enter your MM pin code.
This is the four (4) digits secret number or code which was given to you during the Mobile Money (MM) registration process.

After you enter your 4 digit PIN, wait for the message to be sent to the MTN Ghana server --> Sending a message

You'll see:

Transaction in progress, please wait...
Was it successful?

Or you received the following message:

Balance request not...
Message center call fails:

Sorry though! Now let see how to resolve that balance checking error.

Step 4:

Dial *170#

Please make sure that you have successfully registered with MTN Mobile Money from a vendor or at any MTN retail shop.

Press "Answer" or sometimes it is "Send" or "OK".

Enter Number 5 --> "OK" or "Send" A service reply displays like this:
  1. Check Balance
  2. Mini statement
  3. Favorites
  4. Check MM PIN
  5. My Web Login

Step 5:

Press "Answer" or "Send"

Enter Number 1. --> "OK" or "Send".

Note: If you delay you will be timed out and receive the following message: "Error occurred (538).please try after some time appears."

Step 6:

Enter MM PIN Code:

Press "Answer" --> Enter four (4) digits PIN Code Now press "Send" or "OK"

LOL! you now have your MTN Mobile Money Account Balance displayed successfully.

Available Balance: in GH¢...
Current Balance: in GH¢...

You can also access MTN Mobile Money on the Web by clicking here. Click Here for More

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