CashUnite Money Making Scam Review

cashunite - all social media in a box
CashUnite - The Multi-Social Hub
There have always been many companies and individuals proclaiming to make people rich in just a day, a week.… Some even go to the extent of promising their users job offer that can make them rich by working from home.

On the other hand, some who claim to be internet gurus (expert marketers) with money-making machines hunt for innocent e-prey. Those who fall victim are mostly newbie (people new to the internet). What do scammers do?

They seam to provide very expensive service for FREE or for a small amount of money, which will always make a lot of people fall for it. In turn, the FREE service or job offer becomes a paid subscription or a one-time big fee. Their aim is just to make the victim pay or provide payment information which will be used by them to hack their Visa cards what so ever.

Is CashUnite Real or Scam? 

It takes discernment to notice those good-for-nothing scam gurus roaring like lions in the super information jungle in search of innocent prey (especially, newbie). I asked myself the same question whether CashUnite is scam or not. This moved me to find the truth about CashUnite, and as a result, this review.

Decisions are personal. After reading this review, you will have to conclude. To me, I just want to share the truth with the e-world and to some extent protect the Internet user against the dark side of Internet. But let’s first find out what CashUnite really is.

What is CashUnite—the Multi-Social Hub?

Upon my research, CashUnite is a social media network similar to Facebook. It is a platform intended to bring friends and families together just as every social media site does. Its founders describe it as having some unique features if compared to Facebook, Youtube, Tweeter, LinkedIn, Hi5, Myspace, Google + and 100's of other social sites online.

It is called Peer-to-Peer Social Profit Share System or a Multi-Social hub because it will serve as the gateway to almost every social media site. In simple terms, if you have a CashUnite account, you can log in and have full access to all your social media sites—Facebook, Tweeter, LinkedIn, etc.

This means all social media networks in a box

click here to find more about cashunite

Unlike Facebook, Youtube, Tweeter Google+ and other social media networks, CashUnite—the multi-social media hub pays its “digital partner” uses. Aside the monthly residual income from CashUnite, it is a tool that solves real world marketing problems. It includes some great feature that every business owner needs, such as:
    LinkShare  Referral  Program
  • Keyword monitoring tools
  • Linkedin group discussion monitoring tools Reviews
  • Blogging tools for all popular blogging platforms
  • Maps
  • Autoresponders
  • RSS
  • Social media messaging
  • Status updates
  • Microblogging
  • Link sharing
  • Bookmarking
  • Social streams, haaa!
  • … and many more.

All these tools can never be found on any social media platform.

The LEGITIMACY of CashUnite 

Proof #1: Who are behind CashUnite?

From my research findings, there are real people steering the affairs of CashUnite—the speedily moving social vehicle. To confirm the legitimacy of CashUnite, I tried to contact someone involved in this project. Kevin Thompson responded.
He is a cofounder of Thompson Burton PLLC, a law firm in the United State of America. Kevin is a lawyer by profession, and he is a legal counselor in the direct sales industry. Kevin Thompson is actively involved on the Ethics Committee and Government Relations Board to help steer CashUnite into a promising future. The following is an email communication between Kevin Thompson and me:

Though Kevin Thompson was not in the mode to disclose any information, I tried to find out more about Kevin just to be sure that he is a real person.
Sure, he has served as a keynote speaker at multiple conferences throughout the world.

The founders of CashUnite are Ronnie Singh and Raj Singh. The ambition to revolutionize the way that people from all walks of life and from anywhere in the world communicates moved Ronnie and Raj to found the Multi Social Media Ltd way back in the year 2010.
The picture below shows Ronnie and Raj working in the CashUnite office.

cash unite founders working
Co-founders of CashUnite Ronnie and Raj working

Proof #2: Registered with DSA UK

CashUnite is a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA) located in the United Kingdom. “The Direct Selling Association was founded to represent the interests of businesses engaged in the direct sales of consumer goods.
Since 1965, the DSA has been the recognized trade association for the Direct Selling channel of distribution. Today its member companies account for 51% of total direct sales.”  Click here to see

Proof #3: One of the top security companies affirms their legibility

The COMODO company has also confirmed that CashUnite has been validated making it authentic and that CashUnite holds an assurance warranty of $250,000.00.

The Comodo group of companies provide tools to track down the ever-growing and evolving malware (a collective term to describe viruses, Trojans, worms, etc.), cyber-crime, cyber-terrorism and related threats.
It is their keen interest to protect the Internet user, so Comodo's team of over 600 people has a passion for meeting these challenges head-on thereby Creating Trust Online® for individuals, e-merchants, small to medium businesses and large enterprises.
This team with security for the Internet user at heart has in this case endorsed CashUnite as authentic. See for yourself.

comodo confirms cashunite

Based on my finding, I believe CashUnite has really come to stay.

CashUnite’s Popularity

About 417,517 people current have joined CashUnite and still counting. Thousands of people around the world are amazingly joining hands with this new social media network that pays.
I’m really surprised at the huge number of people tripping into this new work at home business venture. Everyday, I watch with awe whiles the database for this business grows since its launch. Whiles I monitor the share button below the web page, I can see lots of people are busy sharing links to friends and families. At first I didn’t believe that it would be viable. But now I completely do!

Can you really make money with CashUnite? Yes! But all depends on the individual. This is because every member serves as an independent contractor and so the effort put into your work-at-home business is exactly what you’ll reap.
Currently, CashUnite is giving away $18,000.00 as bonus in the month of November, 2013 for the best marketer for this product. Who wins? Definitely the hard worker.

You can download a free magazine that explains the payment system for CashUnite. Click Here

CashUnite also provides a disclaimer as follows:

CashUnite pays a commission pursuant to the current Opportunity plan, which is disclosed to all members. Discuss our company with professional advisors and experienced affiliate marketers before deciding to purchase or promote any of CashUnite's products. CashUnite does not guarantee that you will make any money from your use or promotion of our products and services. The amount of time it takes to achieve the stated income using the CashUnite Calculator varies by participant. The potential earnings estimates displayed using the Calculator were the result of an informal sampling of CashUnite participants. Inevitably, it takes hard work to make substantial income in this business. An active member is defined as someone who: 1) Has executed an application via CashUnite upon referral from another valid member; 2) has an active monthly membership subscription to the CashUnite Multi Social platform; 3)has received at least one direct commission in the last 30 days; 4) has integrated payment details at the point of membership; and 5) has not terminated, or chosen to discontinue their membership for any reason.
CashUnite is not a get rich quick scheme. It is imperative for each member to be aware, like with all business models, to be successful requires motivation, dedication and commitment.

What is your decition now? Do you want to join?

Click here
It may be your key to success.
As I have already said, I wish all Internet users are safe and that with all boldness use the World Wide Web as a trusted place to interact and conduct business. So I’m ever ready to provide any support that I can provide if our heavenly father bestows onto me the needed strength.

I will be glade to welcome your comments below.



  1. Cashunite is NO MORE - It was set up to make money for the owners of the company. The current address is 95 Broad Street, Birmingham, B15 1AU and to my knowledge they still operate from this place. I was a founder member and had promises made that this was a real business - bottom line = a scam

    1. Thanks for sharing this valuable information. I wish that only legitimate programs are promoted. CashUnite was REAL back then but it's no more in operation today.

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