World Prelaunch - Big Scam


Thousands of online users have now joined World Prelaunch. To most people, the aim of joining is basically to make huge sums of money on the day of launch that is March 18, 2013. Some joined out of curiosity-just to see what happens on this launch day March 18, 2013.

Whatever your reason for joining, there is one primary question that each of us need to answer. Is World Prelaunch a Scam? Today, money making systems abound on the Internet. How can you determine the reality of these systems? We all need money, but the genuine way.

On the Internet, you’ll find thousands of money making phrases such as:

Make money from home; Make money working online; Online money making; Quick profit system; Million dollars a day; Google pays me $1500.00 a day; How to get rich quick; Make $150.00 in an hour; 30+ ways to make money online; Easy money at home; 101 ways to make money; Make money online without paying a dime; Your unclaimed money; eBay fast cash; Amazon money; Survey money machines; Make money home; How to make money fast; Social media money making system; Definite income plan; Make money the Google way; Facebook money; Making money taking Surveys…

Most of these systems focus on helping people to get rich quick by hiding facts and realities. They promote these systems as very simple and that one can easily make money online as soon as he pays a fee.

In turn, they provide a statement in the TERMS AND CONDITION PAGE or elsewhere that disclaim/deny the fact that the money invested can return any profit. In other words, they tell you that the money you paid is not a guarantee to get money.

First of all, let's consider what World Prelaunch is. Is it a scam? As you can see on their official Website, it is a group of Network Marketers who have ventured into a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM - link to Wikipedia) company that will launch on above mentioned date. As they claim, they've been around for over four (4) years with experience in MLM.

This company has made vague promise to help everyone who joins to make millions of dollars on the launch day through their network program.

MLM in Question: This method of marketing has been described as Pyramid Schemes or direct selling of which most MLN companies have exploited their participants (downlines). Most of them are illegitimate or scam. MLMs recruit members to basically sell overpriced goods. Morally, some of them are questionable. 
To know if World Prelaunch is a scam, let's consider some few things about them.

How WorldPrelaunch Works

It is free to start. You start with 2 people. You should target about 100 people in your downline to join on the day of launch.
If you get these people, they will also try to have the same downline. Which in turn will make you a residual income of $12,000.00.
World Prelaunch Scam
WorldPrelaunch Plan

Great money right? But remember that those who want to get rich quick become victims to scammers.
To me, I suspect something fishy in this program.
The rest lies in your own hands.


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