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World Prelaunch - Big Scam

WARNING !!! Thousands of online users have now joined World Prelaunch. To most people, the aim of joining is basically to make huge sums of money on the day of launch that is March 18, 2013. Some joined out of curiosity-just to see what happens on this launch day March 18, 2013. Whatever your reason for joining, there is one primary question that each of us need to answer. Is World Prelaunch a Scam? Today, money making systems abound on the Internet. How can you determine the reality of these systems? We all need money, but the genuine way. On the Internet, you’ll find thousands of money making phrases such as: Make money from home; Make money working online; Online money making; Quick profit system; Million dollars a day; Google pays me $1500.00 a day; How to get rich quick; Make $150.00 in an hour; 30+ ways to make money online; Easy money at home; 101 ways to make money; Make money online without paying a dime; Your unclaimed money; eBay fast