Best Three (3) Steps to Start Your Online Business or Job.

As you get ready to set up your click business on the web, let’s see some of the first things to consider. To have a clear understanding, let’s compare our ONline business to the OFFline or local business (i.e. a business which is not on the internet). The local business and the online business have some similarities but some few things are different. This article will focus on creating a genuine business on the internet. Continue reading to understand the whole concept of starting your business on the Internet.

comparison of offline and online businesses
Starting a Local Business (Offline) Starting an Online Business
You must first think of the type of business to do in the local area:
  1. Brainstorm a potential business in your locality.
  2. Evaluate your ideas. Analyze how to begin, possible challenges, how to reach your goals and how other will benefit.
  3. Prioritize by focusing on one thing first.
You must think of the type of business that is possible online:
  1. Brainstorm a potential online business. A business that you are sure that online users will patronize.
  2. Evaluate your ideas. Analyze how to begin, possible challenges, how to reach your goals and how other will benefit.
  3. Prioritize by focusing on one thing first.
Draw a business plan: Draft how your future business will be. Planning will help in many ways if it is done before the business commences. Draw a business plan: Because the online business is also considered as a real business, it requires similar planning. Draft how your future business will be. Planning will help in many ways if it is done before the business commences. Read more…
Plan the cost involved: The cost of your offline business may include the cost of registration of your business name, store rent, goods to sell, office stationery, taxes, employee remuneration, etc. This may require huge sums of money. Roughly, $5000.00 and above. This will depend on the type of business you intend to do and your locality. Plan the cost involved: Setting up a business on the internet is really less expensive as compared to offline businesses. The initial cost may only be the business name (domain name) registration and the cost of hosting your website. If you already have a computer and a modem that will provide access to the Internet, wow that's great! Then you can pay only $48.00 for a complete year to begin an online business. You can do it yourself without employing somebody. So the employee remuneration cost will be out. Sometimes you'll pay no tax because you'll do it from home. No goods to buy and sell (depending on what you wish to do). You can only provide information about something you know and that becomes your money making e-business. Fortunately, with Click Business - Jobs, you can build your online business with all the needed tools in one place. Relax; you'll get all the assistance you need. Try it for free.
Find a business name and register: For local businesses, after getting the right name, you will have to register this name with the local authority such as the Registry General's Department. Find a business name and register: Usually, business names for online businesses can be the same as names given to offline businesses. But these names must be kept short for easy remembrance. They are not registered with Registry General's Department like the local businesses. There is a legal authority in charge of online business names and registration. Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is a nonprofit private organization headquartered in Los Angeles, California, USA, that oversees the coordination of the global internet systems of unique Internet Protocol (IP) identifiers. They ensure a secure operation of IP addresses and manage registered Top-Level Domain names (TLD). One example of a TLD is ICANN keeps a record (domain registration information) of all registered online business names. ICANN has accredited other registrars to provide registration services to the public. After you have decided on your e-business name, you'll have to register the "domain name". The domain name can be the same as your OFFline business name.
Find a location or an area where your store would be easily identified by passers-by: No physical location is needed for online business: A place to HOST your website content is important. On the Internet, there are no passers-by, but rather think of how people searching for information on Google™ will find your online business. Your content will talk on your behalf. People searching for information will find your site. Millions will find you. That is the TRAFFIC you need for you to make money.
Consider the tax issues: Consider the tax issues. In some parts of the world, online businesses are required to pay taxes. Even some home worker or affiliate workers pay tax to the local government. You must inquire about the law in the country.
What are the legal matters involved? What are the legal matters involved? This is another aspect of most importance to every online business operator.

Suppose you want to set up a business in your home area which will serve as a part-time job or full-time job, what are the things to consider first? The online business takes a similar trend.
Yes, I’m sure it will be wise to sit and put something on paper before it’s too late. The following is a list of first (1st) things to be considered. This is the best practice that is done by all business establishments.

  1. Identify a potential online business or job.
  2. Plan your business.
  3. Act immediately by building a website first
Now let’s consider these points one-by-one to see how you could establish your online business successfully. That is the goal of Click Business-jobs. Remember, it’s not just a matter of creating a blog or website. It’s about making money out of your click business job.
This involves three major steps to establishing an online business.
  1. Identify a potential online business or job.
    What is your potential or capability? How can you identify your potential?
  2. Plan what your business would be and how you will make money out of it.

    a) The purpose of your business.
    b) The products and services you’ll offer.
    c) Who your clients will be.
    d) Calculate the cost involved.
    e) Decide on the name of your business and register.
    f) Find a place (i.e. the location of the business if it is OFFline. If it’s Online, find a place to host).
    g) Consider the tax issues.
    h) What are the legal matters involved?
  3. Act immediately by building your first website.
    Put your decision to work at home into action.
    Track your progress daily.

    a. Build a rich content Website b. Get Traffic for your site c. Make money

We’ll consider these points day-by-day. So no rush! Every day, just visit or visit to get our free online job tutorials. Better off, you can subscribe for a training trough your e-mail. Click here to subscribe.
Ok! Let’s dig deep to chat about the above outlined points.


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