Make Money from Home Scam

Scam! Scam! Scam! Be careful with Online fraud. There are people on Internet who are seriously seeking to make money through dubious mean. They create spam sites and try to offer you a free job or sometime sooo good to be true. Additionally, scammers try to let you believe that they can help you to make money very quick.

moms work at home What is a Scam?

Scam is defined as a scheme for making money by dishonest means.
Most people create websites just to dupe others. Though, online jobs are true as well as work at home job is real, but there are some who always want to make money the wrong way.
For example;
 I came across a website ( ) that is claiming to provide a work at home program and promise to give anyone who joins an online career package a quick money making system. This cost about 24 USD.
There are some major things that you can identify to prove that a site is a complete scam.

Scammers Use Fake Bank Checks

After reviewing the site and trying to see how real it is, I found some checks which they claim was issued by Amazon Services LLC. I wish you see it and verify the checks yourself. See the pictures below.

scam bank checks

checks used to scam visitors
Faked Bank Checks
The checks have the same numbers and the same issued date. In addition, the amounts paid are equal. These checks are shown to prove to visitors to this website how real work-at-home jobs are and how one can make money so quick online. But I tell you that all Get-Rich-Quick Schemes are fraudulent. The fact is that, because online business is a real business, it likewise requires hard word to make money.
So they provide these materials just to let you buy things that are not real. Meanwhile, the real things are just on the internet too. You can make money the right way if you take the right step. Real companies want real employees to help them grow their business reach. One big example is LinkShare. If you register with them, you will work form your home and make money from home by just telling others about the companies they are promoting. If you want to start working, you can lick on the red banner below and then register.
LinkShare Money Mania - Do Not Delete-
There are in fact more real opportunities that I will be posting on this site later. Another thing that you should be aware of scam sites is that you can never contact them.
You can also start your own web hosting business just by registering with us. Click here to go the Reseller Panel. Then click on Affiliate and lastly click on Get Started to register.

You Can’t Contact Scammers

In most cases the phone numbers will be there for a short time and then off. Because they’re not real people, they will just love to communicate with their prospective victims via e-mail and other mediums instead of one-on-one contacts. Beware of their tactful scams. Before making any payments make sure to talk to real people. In the example cited above, see if you can find the contact phone or a means to talk to real people.
Another important thing to consider is the Terms and Conditions of the site.

First Read the Terms and Conditions on Sites That You Suspect to be Scam

Usually,you can find a link to the Terms and Conditions at the bottom of the home page. Some scammers create a perfect looking websites with unfriendly Terms and Conditions. Because they are aware that they may be prosecuted by law, they provide a hidden legal document that will protect them NOT you. In the site for example, they have created a comment section on the site that is tell visitors how people are testifying the trueness and how genuine their scheme work so quick. It seems like real people are making these comments. Unfortunately, the Terms and Conditions states that: “the comments are not actual posts to this webpage and have been compiled or generated for illustrative purposes only.” In fact, we should be fare and truthful in this click business/job.
I think making money Online by dubious means should never be tolerated. I can feel how hard I worked when I started this Online business. Just as bank staff works very hard, so it is to work Online. You have to learn a lot and actively focus on the job. You may have to take that career serious. All these include learning something about how to create simple websites, typing, sending daily emails and newsletters, and entering data. It also includes real time marketing and strategic planning and running your e-business successfully.
This is the Click Business Job truth. This is what is to be preached Online.

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