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Make Money from Home Scam

Scam! Scam! Scam! Be careful with Online fraud. There are people on Internet who are seriously seeking to make money through dubious mean. They create spam sites and try to offer you a free job or sometime sooo good to be true. Additionally, scammers try to let you believe that they can help you to make money very quick. What is a Scam? Scam is defined as a scheme for making money by dishonest means. WARNING: Most people create websites just to dupe others. Though, online jobs are true as well as work at home job is real, but there are some who always want to make money the wrong way. For example;  I came across a website ( ) that is claiming to provide a work at home program and promise to give anyone who joins an online career package a quick money making system. This cost about 24 USD. There are some major things that you can identify to prove that a site is a complete scam.