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Write Web content that your visitors will love and content that can sell.

What should you have on your website?
a. A beautiful web design with few content
b. Great informative content Did you choose answer b.?

That’s great! According to research, Internet users mainly search for INFORMATION and NOT Web aesthetics. I mean Web users don’t consider the beauty of a particular Website too much. Though the design of a site plays a row in Web development, it is should never be considered the major aspect for Web business. The content of the site is what pulls millions of visitors to the site.

Note: The key to earning a living from a Web site is not by learning complete Web development programming language such HTML, graphic design or any other technical stuff. 
The key first and foremost is the ability to WRITE words that can sell.

A Website should meet some basic criterion. Your online business or job will be great if you’re able to create content that meet the following:
  • The website should tell visitors the primary purpose of the site. This should be done in simple terms.
  • The site's style of writing should be Scannable, Concise and Objective.
  • It should be easy to use. This is achieved by making navigation through the site very simple.
  • The content of a good Website should outweigh what other competitors have provided.
Follow these steps to help you to start writing your first website content:
  • Brainstorm—Think of great ideas: Just write down as many ideas as you can. See if you can come up with at least 7 to 10 things you do best; The games you love; The area of study you understand most; Your hobbies, etc.
  • Evaluate your ideas: List how others would benefit from what you can do best. Which one seems most exciting? Which one do you aspire to achieve? List the possible challenges that you think may hinder your progress. Note that, you can only reach your goals if you choose those that you love.
  • Prioritize: This means to focus on one business area (niche) that you can provide quality information to your to-be-visitors. You can now refine your list by finding out the best things that you can deliver perfectly. Find out how to give your Website visitors what they want if it is launched. What is the value of your services to others? Is someone offering similar information/service on the internet? If so then, plan your own way of providing the information that will make you win peoples heart.
Always remember the BEP (Brainstorm, Evaluate and Prioritize) approach. The list below will help guide you to produce your own topics. It should center on a particular theme. For example, if you love to write about cement, then concentrate on cement. If it is about gardening or babies or computers or software, etc, you must be particularly concerned about what you choose.

In business, selling a particular product to a particular group of people is called niche.

This method works perfect for online businesses. You can learn from what some online companies are doing. They provide grate content and sell their quality products alongside.

These online businesses include:

Google Shopping

Your business should mimic the above web businesses.
A man known as Steve Jobs started a business the hard way and is now a rich American entrepreneur

I have created a list of topics that you can write from and then use that to generate traffic.
Sample List 1:
  • Agricultural Development,
  • Agriculture Management, Organic Farming,
  • History of Agriculture,
  • Subsidy of Agriculture,
  • Forestry and Nutrition,
  • Biodynamic Agriculture, Etc.
Sample List 2:
  • Music Videos
  • MP3 music
  • POP music
  • Hip pop music
  • Free music download
  • Music news
  • Latest music
  • Music stars
  • Top 20 artists
  • African music 
If you write well on these topics, you’ll definitely win in the click business. Remember that it your work-at-home job which will generate residual income if taken serious.
So you can write articles on such topics and then grow the number of readers. The more people read and like your articles, you’ll have potential customers to sell agric products to them.


Aim at writing something that will keep your readers coming back to your Website. Don’t focus on how to make money with your first article. Rest assured, the monetization period will automatically come if you have a lot of traffic (i.e. many readers). 

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Good, start working on your online job; your Web business content project now! I hope this few words will be very helpful for your click business. See you again another day when we discuss how to write your online business plan.

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