How I Started Making Money Online

For the reason that I went through hard times to find a job on the internet, I’ll love to help everyone just to avoid the dilemmas in online job search. Relatively, many African folks are already in business, but they find it very difficult to connect their offline businesses to the internet. Relax! There is a way out. On the other hand, some moms, students, retirees, and many others desire to work virtually on the internet. Unfortunately, they don’t know where to begin. Many are those who don’t even believe that the internet can be a working place. Some have the notion that the internet is all scams or fraud. I’m sorry, that is never true! If you have that perception, you’re not far from right, because it happened to me. I thought it will waste my time and money, beside that; I had no idea of where to start.
This is reason why I want to help anyone who comes into contact with my blogs or Web site to become a master in online business and work full time or part time just on the internet from home.  Today, I am in the field of e-business(e.i. Internet business). By visiting this site regularly, you can get the right information you need to succeed. Press CTRL + D on your keyboard to add this site to your favorites.


I graduated from a Polytechnic in Cape Coast-Ghana. After graduation, I began a vivid search for a job but to no avail.
Sometimes, I don’t regret my past, I just regret the time I've wasted with the wrong people and at the wrong place.
One day, I thought: "There could be a real job on the internet." I really believed that there will be a time when I can make money online. I yearned for that moment and it became a daily aspiration, because I knew that some individuals and companies are making big business online. I began to figure out how Yahoo, Google, MSN, Facebook and the rest make money on the internet. True, they provide free services such as e-mail account, social communication network, etc. But I wasn't yet convinced, I said:"There is still a way out."

The online job search began. It took me time, energy, and money always browsing the internet for job. After that, I had thousands of information to read from. I was even confused as to which was not a scam. Some months later, I understood the whole concept. NOW I'VE FOUND IT! Really Google does it and pays. I was even shocked to know that a lot of companies hire people online to work for them from home. So my work on the way, an internet "infopreneur-a work at home business man."


I had it in mind that the first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: Decide what you want to do.I have decided and found my favorite, so you can! YOU CAN DO WHAT YOU LOVE ONLINE. You can become a marketer or an associate; a typist; an online publisher or writer; data entry personnel; order processor or mail-list compiler and can even teach online.Most of all you can do it your own way, whatever you like is do-able.

A time to spread the word. I have now dedicated my time and energy to spread the word about online business. Imagine how you can join hands with other internet workers and share the joy of online job.

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing.

GET STARTED TODAY. At least, the little dollars ($) you make today can pay your bills tomorrow.
You will be about as happy as you make up your mind to be.

Below is a list of the areas that you can work: 
True, I started from scratch just as you’ll also start. I purchased and read a lot of books that gave me the upper hand. I did this because I really wanted to do business online. Though some of the books were very straight forward but some put a lot of stress on me. These books include:
  • Launching A Business On The Web
  • How to Use the Internet to Advertise, Promote, and Market Your Business or Web Site 
  • Web Business Engineering 
  • How to Win Sales and Influence Spiders : Boosting Your Business and Buzz on the Web
  • Plug Your Business!: Marketing on Myspace, YouTube, Blogs and Podcasts, and other Web 2. 0 social Networks
  • Web Tutor
  • eBay Business the Smart Way: Maximize Your Profits on the Web's #1 Auction Site 
  • Web Marketing for Music Business
Don't give up soon! You can do it, so start now!

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